Monday, January 11, 2010

Mount St. Helens: A Fitting Backdrop for Tenderfoot

News of the devastating Mount St. Helens eruption of May 18, 1980 quickly spread around the world. News wasn't the only thing that spread--500 million tons of ash rose nearly 16 miles (63,000 feet) into the atmosphere and within days encircled the earth. A lateral blast of trapped gasses traveled 650 miles per hour across nearby hills, stripping the land and killing nearly every living thing in its path.

Fifty-seven people lost their lives as the result of the eruption. Two hundred thirty-four square miles of forest lands were destroyed. Trees were either blasted away, felled like pieces of straw, or scorched while standing. Wildlife perished by the thousands. Mixtures of melted snow, rock and mud formed wet cement-like slurries which bulldozed through forests, destroying roads, bridges, homes, and livestock. The face of the mountain and surrounding area were changed forever. Lives were changed forever, too.

This true story of Mount St. Helens is the backdrop of my latest novel, Tenderfoot, a story of new beginnings through devastating endings. A story of love–love of family, of land, of life.

Corrie Stevens is looking for a new life. She’s willing to sacrifice comfortable city living for the rugged ranch life that’s always fascinated her. But she doesn’t count on it being rugged on her already wounded heart.

J McClure is tough–you have to be in the ranching business. He’s had years to wall up his feelings of loneliness and despair. When his wife died, leaving him with a little girl to raise and a ranch to run, he had little choice but to put feelings aside and do whatever he could to hold things together.

When Corrie and J run into each other–literally–sparks fly and lives change. It isn’t just the mountain that explodes.

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