Monday, April 18, 2011

Book Review: Donna Rose and the Roots of Evil

Donna Rose has done it again. She and her sidekick, Cyrus, find themselves involved in solving the murder of Police Chief William Donniker.

Donna and Cyrus’s involvement with mysteries isn’t new, but it’s nothing they seek out, either. They simply find themselves in situations where they seem to be the only ones in a position to get to the truth.

In the Chief’s case, it’s hard to find someone who really likes him. Lots of people have reason to hate him. But murdering a Chief of Police?

Donna and Cyrus have a strong incentive to solve the mystery. Their friend Jake, a contender for Police Chief, has been arrested for the murder.

Donna Rose and the Roots of Evil is a "cozy" mystery involving a retired school teacher and her dapper neighbor, Cyrus, a retired Navy man.

Cozy mysteries are becoming an immensely popular genre, especially when they become a series. What is a cozy mystery? It’s normally a crime that contains very little sex, violence or coarse language. By the end of the story the mystery has a satisfactory conclusion. The protagonist is often a well-educated woman, someone whom you would like to have as a neighbor. The story-line often takes place in a small picturesque town, such as Cedar Harbor, a make-believe town in the state of Washington.

Donna Rose and the Roots of Evil is the second of Norma Tadlock Johnson’s Cedar Harbor Mysteries, the first being Donna Rose and the Slug War and the third is Hazards of the Game. Johnson has found the key to keeping interest high.


Irene Bennett Brown said...

Smalltown cozies are my cup of tea (pun not intended)and I love the Donna Rose mysteries!

Lani Schonberg said...

Your review is compelling. Thank you for explaining what a "cozy mystery" is. I'll plan to find these titles and settle in with a cup of tea to read this new series. I can hardly wait!

Eunice Boeve said...

I'd never heard of a "cozy mystery" before. Norma Tadlock Johnson's books sound like my daughters'type books. I'll have to steer them her way.

Heidiwriter said...

Norma's books are very entertaining. I've enjoyed them all. I especially love the title of the first one: Donna Rose and the Slug War. If that doesn't hook you...!

Arletta Dawdy said...

Very tantalizing review, Mary. My "to be read" list grows by leaps and bounds. Thanks to the introduction to Donna Rose and her cohorts.