Monday, August 22, 2011

Book Review: Adeline

Adeline (Tate Publishing) by Mary Ann Hayes is a little book with a big message. People of all ages will enjoy this story, but the wisdom and insights of Adeline will especially resonate with readers over forty.

Beautifully told in first person, Adeline observes her world and her precious family through loving eyes, eyes that have seen beauty, laughter and tragedy. Adeline’s story is an inspiring life’s journey, a chronicle of recollections of people and events that have shaped her life.

Adeline has lived her life to the fullest, even when life has been hard to bear. A wise woman who loves her vacation home and the people who fill it, she returns to her beloved lake house for her final journey.

People who love life and who find treasures in nature and in simple pleasures will love Adeline. To learn more about the author, visit Adeline is available at your favorite bookstore and various on-line outlets.


Heidiwriter said...

I'm so happy for Mary Ann! This sounds like a wonderful book, and one I MUST get!

Lotti said...

Sounds like a wonderful book. Must read it when I get the chance. Love finding a new book. Sometimes literature leaves a lot to be desired, but this sounds beautiful.