Monday, September 19, 2011

Meet Leslee Breene, author of Starlight Rescue

It is my pleasure to have as my guest Leslee Breene, author of recently released Starlight Rescue.

Thank you, Mary, for giving me the privilege of being a guest on your blog today.

Starlight Rescue, (August 2011), is my venture in changing horses, actually switching from historical western romance to contemporary romance. I’ve always been drawn to settings in the west, and this time my love of animals emerged. The heroine, a veterinarian, was born along with a cast of unpredictable four-legged critters.

A family of llamas emerged in my storyline. These regal and intriguing animals I had only seen from a distance. I turned to Jerry Dunn, llama expert and owner of Bear Track Farm of Golden, CO, for my research. At her invitation, I spent a magical day at the farm observing about twenty llamas. The males were quartered in a large rear stable, females on the side property. She informed me that too much male rivalry would occur in keeping them together. Jerry’s personal experience with a breech birth lent specific details to the birth scene in Starlight Rescue. Her sharing of recorded llama behavioral sounds was definitely enlightening.

Here’s the synopsis of Starlight Rescue in a nut shell.

Wyoming veterinarian Kimberly Dorn must keep her inherited animal rescue ranch from greedy developers. Rescuing abused and abandoned animals has been a lifelong dream ever since her youngest sister drowned in their lake, and Kimberly was unable to save her. Her new practice cannot yet support the ranch. The young man who answers her rental ad has a movie star smile and devilish green eyes.

Gabe Trent, a successful wildlife photographer and filmmaker, rents an outbuilding for his studio. When he meets Kimberly, they recall past summers when he worked in his uncle’s hardware store. She was a pony-tailed teenager then. Now, his sexy new landlady is a goal-oriented woman.

Still a free spirit at age thirty-two, Gabe wouldn’t mind sharing some good times with her. Kimberly introduces him to her rescue family: horses, llamas, dogs, and emus. Instantly captivated, Gabe offers her a percentage in a TV documentary he wants to film on the ranch.

But can she trust him with her animals…..and her heart?

Starlight Rescue ~ Romance Writers of America PASIC Finalist.

“Kimberly’s stubbornness is matched by Gabe’s patience in this story of saving the family ranch from greedy developers. Starlight Rescue is a wonderful story of determination, love and forgiveness.” ~ Linda Wommack, contributing editor and writer, True West Magazine, Wild West Magazine.

Starlight Rescue may be ordered directly from and at Softcover ISBNs: 978-1-936127074-0, 1-936127-74-1. Ebook listing is available in all format distribution (including Kindle).

Leslee, you obviously have enthusiasm for your new novel. I wish you every success and great fun on your journey with Starlight Rescue.


Leslee Breene said...

Thank you, Mary. Sometimes authors end up "hating their book" when it's finished, but I find I'm just the opposite. I have followed my characters along a unique journey, up hills and down valleys, and still love them for their flaws and successes. Kimberly and Gabe are determined in their goals yet able to open their hearts.
How do other authors view their characters?

Lise said...

Hi, Leslee, your book sounds like it will have wide appeal, with great characters of both two-legged and four-legged variety.

My author's perspective is that I continue to think about the characters long after I write about them. But I confess, I do that when I read other people's books too. If the author has done her job, the characters get under my skin and I continue to wonder about them, as though their lives continue after the book ends.

Arletta Dawdy said...

Leslee and Mary,
This sounds like a winner. Nice plot line, especially the idea of a wildlife photographer for a unique POV.
Thanks, Ladies!

Jean Henry Mead said...

Sounds like an intriguing book, which interests me even more because I live on a small ranch in Wyoming. Nice interview, Leslee and Mary.

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