Monday, December 5, 2011

A Visit with Beverly Hooks

Recently, it was my pleasure to meet Beverly Hooks at the Pacific Northwest Writers’ Association Cottage at Gilman Village in Issaquah, Washington where she showcased her newly released Come Walk with Me - A Poetic Journal (Tate Publishing).

Q: Beverly, I noticed your elegant book, Come Walk with Me - A Poetic Journal, has wide appeal. Do you find a commonality in interests among those who buy your book?

Yes, I find much interest from art lovers, other artists, poets, writers and journalists. I also enjoy speaking with those who purchase my book as a gift. I find a definite commonality with those who have visited the location of my paintings. I particularly love the responding resonance of internal peace.

Q: It’s a small book, easy to carry in a purse or pocket. It appears that its size is part of the book’s charm.

Thank you, the size is 5x7.

Q: How do you describe yourself?

I am thankful for the gift of creativity. I am an impressionist, landscape/garden painter. I enjoy commissioned paintings, which involve my clients’ homes/gardens and special venues. I have sold my work for over twenty years.

I am classified as a Romanic Impressionist which pretty much describes my writing style. For me, the combination of art and poetry comes as descriptive interpretive thought. I am extremely dedicated to both my art and writing, and pursue to insure peace to all who view my work.

Q: Many of your paintings and their accompanying poems have roots in the English countryside. Tell us how that came about.

My husband Michael and I spent almost a year in Northern England. We lived in the beautiful village of Lytham. While Michael worked, I joined the Lytham Art Society and met wonderful artists who included me in many art related and family outings. On Friday afternoons through Sunday evenings my husband and I traveled the length and breadth of the British Isles, along with other European jaunts.

This opportunity brought much joy with en plein air painting excursions as well as hours of studio time flooding my canvas with cherished memories.

Q: Tell us about some of your other artistic and/or writing projects.

I enjoyed a commissioned trip to Austria & Germany. The painting Schloss (Castle) Mitersill, a ‘hunters castle’ turned resort can be found on my website. The painting Silent Night Chapel, Oberndorf, Austria and poem can be found in my Poetic Journal and website.

September 2005, I was juried by the US National Park Service as the “Artist-In- Residence” for Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. I spent the month painting the beautiful Park, concluding with a permanent painting in the Park Museum.

My website contains an art gallery of both sold and available paintings. I am an avid journalist in that as I paint or finish a painting, I write about the inspiration of the experience and location. My new blog consists of a journey to the actual painting locations and the particular situations prompting the memory. I share actual events and happenings driven from the selected painting on my blog via my website,

Q: The day we were together, I noticed many people earnestly sharing their thoughts with you. What sort of feedback do you normally get after people have viewed your work?

Most identify with the painting locations and share their visits and inspired moments. Some seem to enjoy the rhyme and rhythm of the poems while others want more information and viewings of my art.

It is my pleasure to spend time visiting, listening and sharing the many stories and experiences with such interesting people.

Q: Was writing this book something you had longed to do, or was it a sudden inspiration?

My personal note taking and journaling paved the way for the ‘sudden inspiration.’ I find my peaceful time in poets such as Yeats, Tennyson, and Frost along with many other classic and contemporary poets.

Q: How long did it take you to create your book?

Painting selection and writing took approximately six months.

Q: What challenges did you face as you wrote Come Walk with Me?

Time is my constant constraint. I paint for gallery, invitational art shows, and commission work. I teach beginner/advanced painting lessons here in Poulsbo. On March 7st I will be begin teaching every Wednesday at An Artful Touch in Kirkland, WA.

I, as many passionate artists and writers seem to add to a brimming plate. Why? Because we love what we do!

Q: Do you have a work-in-progress now?

Yes, and thank you for asking! I have written two children’s books that I thought ready for submission until I spoke with a literary agent, who suggested that I illustrate in my style of fine art painting. I am excited about spending the next several months focusing on a new adventure of fine art illustration.

The smaller in text of the two books is focused here in the Seattle/Olympic peninsula area. The longer book is of a descriptive journey from the beautiful Florida Everglades to the Great Pacific Northwest.

Q: You mentioned to me that you do commissioned work. Tell us about that.

I especially enjoy commissioned paintings and working with new clients. I love the opportunity to step into another’s world soaking up the reason and passion for the painting. It is a tremendously satisfying accomplishment to experience a pleased and happy client.

Q: Where can people learn more about your work?

My book is available through Bookstores nationally; if you do not see it shelved, just ask, it can be ordered for you.

For a personalized signed copy of Come Walk With Me ~ A Poetic Journal, visit my website My original art, giclee prints, and note cards, are also on my website.

To commission a painting, contact Beverly: (360) 649-453,

Thank you, Beverly. I appreciate your taking the time to be with us today.